AW told JW he could leave during the summer, but was he correct to?

With Jack Wilshere’s contract hovering dangerously close to its expiration date I’m sitting here wondering how on earth the Arsenal find themselves in this type of situation again.  The uncertainty around Jack’s future has been a talking point for quite some time but I’m almost certain most of us expected this latest contract issue to have been resolved by now one way or another.  Jack Wilshere has been quoted as saying Arsene Wenger told him he could leave over the summer as the club were unwilling to offer him a new deal – I for one am not surprised by that and neither should you be, so why the seismic reaction to Wenger’s alleged comments?

Granted, Jack Wilshere has been able to stay clear of injury during this past few months and has performed relatively well at times but let’s not forget the managers comments were made at a time the England midfielder was sidelined and yet to prove his fitness.  From the clubs point of view, Jack had failed to make any significant impact during his loan spell at Bournemouth, his body looked fragile and as has been the case throughout his career it was impossible to predict how many games you’d get out of him.

You’ll struggle to find an Arsenal fan out there who is against the idea of Jack signing an extension, after all his return to the team has been one of the few positives in what’s been a rather depressing season.  It’s widely reported that Wilshere has been offered a new deal but in order for both parties to be satisfied he’d need to accept a pay cut.  The club clearly still has doubts over his physical condition, that’s the only explanation because there is certainly no question over his ability.  The likes of Jack and Ramsey (both in the spotlight regarding their contract situations) have just witnessed Mesut Ozil delay committing his own future in order to obtain the deal he wanted so it’d be naïve to think these lads and their representatives won’t be trying the same thing.

In my view, the club should do whatever it takes to keep one of the few players who understands what it means to play for this great club.  Care will have to be taken in the way he is utilized and you’d hope the medical staff can find a way to limit his injuries.  Of course there is a financial risk involved, but me personally, I believe it is a chance worth taking and I’d be deeply upset if he was to be allowed to leave.

Criticize the club, the manager, the board all you like because this situation must be resolved sooner rather than later but just remember Wenger’s comments were made back in the summer when most of us would have been feeling the exact same way.

Words: @HarrySymeou 

Twitter: @chronicles_afc

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