A Troubling Time To Be A Gooner

Premier League: Liverpool 4-0 Arsenal 4:00pm – Firmino ’17, Mane ’40, Salah ’57, Sturridge ’78.

I’m not usually the type to delve into the darkest depths of my vocabulary after my team has suffered defeat but on this occasion I am well within my rights.  What the f*ck was that?!  Arsenal looked like nothing more than relegation candidates and that’s being kind.  I started this project prior to the season and up until now I feel I have been fair on the manager and the team.  In the past I’ve criticized those who sensationalize our failures and call for the manager’s head each and every time we are beaten.  I thought about writing this particular segment later on in the week when perhaps I’d have cooled off a little.

Well this time, I’m not going to wait, I’m not going to hold back and I’m going to record the troubling thoughts that have been going around in my head since Sunday afternoon.

Arsene Wenger simply has to go.  Have I said this before? Yes.  Have I gone back on myself in the past? Yes.  Will I make a u-turn if we’re able to string together a run of positive results? Absolutely not!  Sadly, this time there is no going back!  Like a blue bottle fly circling a pile of dog sh*t on the side of the road he just won’t leave us alone and refuses to accept the current team is something the rest of us see as exactly that, a pile of sh*t that stinks of failure!

When talking about Arsene Wenger it’s so easy to refer to past failures and use them as proof of my points but I want to stick to the here and now so I’m focusing solely on this embarrassing defeat and our season so far, yes the whole three weeks of it!

Team selection

For the second week in a row I found myself scratching my head when the lineup was announced.  If I was to look at a scripture in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics it would have made more sense to me than this particular Arsenal team sheet.

Laurent Koscielny returned from his suspension, Shkodran Mustafi had come through 90 minutes at Stoke and club captain Per Mertesacker was available for selection.  Any logical human being would think “great, that means we can play the so far impressive Sead Kolasinac in his actual position of left wing back, get some natural central defenders out there and put our defensive woes behind us.”  Not Arsene Wenger.

Does he sit there pre-match and think to himself “What can I do to really p*ss off the fans today?” because it certainly feels like that most of the time.  His decision to leave Mustafi on the bench tells me the German international is set on a move to Internazionale as reported.  The inclusion of Rob Holding was nothing short of a catastrophe and Hector Bellerin was once again played out of position to accommodate Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.  The same Oxlade-Chamberlain that turned down £180k per week in wages because he feels he’s worth more than that!?  I need not repeat my thoughts on the clubs most overrated player.

He looks to be on his way to Chelsea after its been reported the clubs have an agreement in place, so it’s no wonder he looked so disinterested at Anfield.

I mentioned in my analysis of the Stoke game last week that Aaron Ramsey resembles a headless chicken, he continues to ignore his defensive duties and was once again nowhere to be found when Liverpool opened the scoring.  He appeared to be communicating with the bench at the time and was completely unaware of where the ball was, let alone the danger.

Daniel De Luca, a regular on the Sofa Sports News podcast told me that he feels Rambo is a number 10 to which I replied “he’s a donkey.”  Dan then proceeded to agree with me “he is a donkey, but if I were to race him in the donkey derby he would wear the number 10 on his back”.

That there, pretty much sums up my thoughts on the player.  A man who clearly craves the license to join attacks without worrying about what’s behind him, a player who believes he is far better than he really is.  He may have been a standout player for Wales at Euro 2016 but let’s face it, the rest of that team is pretty sh*t isn’t it.

The current midfield lacks balance with Ramsey’s meaningless expeditions being one of the main issues.  Our best performance this season came at Wembley versus Chelsea in the Community Shield and it’s no coincidence that Mohamed El Neny was included that day.  Not necessarily the most talented player at the club but one who certainly knows his responsibilities and who’s priorities are to fulfill his defensive obligations.

Mesut Ozil proved nothing on the day, other than the fact he’s getting better and better at impersonating ‘Casper the friendly Ghost’.  I’ve spoken about balance and I made this point after the defeat at Stoke.  Ozil and Ramsey simply do not belong in the same starting XI, Granit Xhaka is being made the scapegoat.  Just like Mikel Arteta before him, the Swiss international will find it impossible to impress in a midfield that lacks any discipline.

I can see it, I’m sure you can see it but why doesn’t Arsene Wenger see it? That my friends is the million dollar question.

Alexandre Lacazette joined the club over the summer in a record breaking transfer, the club splashed out in excess of £50m on the French international only to leave him on the bench against one of our biggest rivals.  Instead the honest but let’s face it, useless Danny Welbeck got the nod leaving me and many other Arsenal fans astounded.

Not only has a man who’s scored just 11 league goals since his arrival 3 years ago been picked ahead of our record signing but he’s also been preferred to Olivier Giroud, a striker who has a far superior goal record and would have offered the kind of threat Liverpool have been tormented by in recent seasons.

“We want Wenger Out” was the chant coming from the Anfield Road end of the stadium after the final whistle.  Whilst the media rain cloud gathers above the Emirates, the future of Alexis Sanchez is now even more of a concern.  The window closes in just a matter of days and City have reportedly offered Raheem Sterling and a sum of cash to try and persuade the Arsenal to sell.  Worrying times ahead as the Arsenal exodus seems to be gaining momentum.



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