Transfer Silly Season

Transfer Silly Season

The off season is bad enough at the best times. Worse this year as there is no international tournament, but you know what makes it even worse? Transfer silly season.

It’s started early this year at my club Tottenham. Firstly reports linking Pochettino to Inter, the same club linked the day before with Antonio Conte. Are either of those managers going to leave their current harmonious posts where they are unanimously lovedĀ  to join a side with no European football who played their last game in a half empty stadium? That’s Inter Milan to clarify in case you’ve confused that description with Arsenal.

Next one, today, get a load of this. One of our players linked away. The old cliches are used and the report which also includes “regarded highly by Europes Elite” and “The news that Barca are now in the hunt could frustrate rivals Real Madrid.” Who could it be? Kane, Alli, Alderweireld, Eriksen? Nope.

Moussa F***ing Sissoko. You can just imagine the devastation at the next Real Madrid transfer committee meeting at the thought that Barcelona could be about to poach this target from under their noses. Bale, Isco, Rodriguez, fist pumping with relief that their place in the squad will not be put under threat by the arrival of the guy who made 13 appearances for Spurs this season returning a massive zero goals.

If you’ve got nothing to write, make something up, and if you are making something up at least have the common decency to make it remotely realistic, people need to be kept busy somehow.

That’s the 2 pence…

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