The FA Cup exit – Did Poch get his priorities wrong?

To be honest I’m hugely disappointed to be knocked out of the FA Cup on Sunday. I don’t get the notion of fans saying things like “blessing in disguise” and “too many games” Nonsense.

I appreciate there are times when you have to prioritise, but I think Poch got his priorities wrong this week.

I’ll forgive him of course, the man is working wonders, and he’s event the right to do what he sees fit and not be questioned.

However, Here is my gripe. Tottenham are having a great season, anyone previously denying Spurs are in a title race can’t deny it anymore.
Through the group stages of the Europa League, as you would expect, and as of Sunday in the FA Cup 5th round, BUT, if the season ends without a trophy, how much more successful is it than any other season? A bit maybe, then a decreasing amount with every passing year. Chances to win trophies have been few and far between over the years and really I’d like to have seen a better effort on Sunday to progress to the last 8.

I’m not sure why Pochettino chose to prioritise the Europa league this week, and maybe I never will, but in a tournament that has potentially 9 more games, with long away trips you have potential impact on your title challenge, and the squad may not be big enough to do both.
The FA Cup though had just 4 games left, including a favourable home draw to Palace and two games at Wembley which wouldn’t be subject to replays. Spurs have proved this season I think that they have the ability to beat anyone. Surely this was the pot to put the eggs in?
The draw afterwards that would have seen a trip to Reading only compounded my misery. There are some big teams left in the cup but we should have been having a big go at winning it and it would not have been too big a drain on resources.

If we get through the Europa stages the impact could be telling, if we don’t then what was the point of almost throwing the FA Cup? I just didn’t get it.

In reality Tottenham probably won’t win the league 5/2 with bookies which is a 71% chance that it won’t happen. Winning the FA Cup would have been a nice consolation prize.
I just can’t foresee a situation where Spurs win the Europa league, which means the season could fizzle out fruitless which would be a huge shame.
If Spurs do pull off the greatest triumph and pick up the league title I don’t think it will be because we avoided an FA cup quarter final with Reading. If Spurs were to win the Europa League that would be great, but the biggest prize associated with it (champions league qualification) should already be in the bag I hope, which is another reason why I didn’t think it would be worth all the hassle compared to the FA Cup.

The game itself Tottenham played pretty well, and created enough to win it. The stage the season is at now though is exclusively about results, nothing else matters.

A big run in ahead is all that’s left to focus on for me, and the real distraction of the Europa League can plod along in the background. If we get through to the Semis and are out the title race then of course it becomes the priority again but if we are still in a title race then the pressure will really be on the squad to turn in consecutive big performances.
Maybe that is the distraction we really could have done without.

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