You could see that FOUL from the Moon! : Chelsea FC

Swansea vs Chelsea: Before the game started I was a bit nervous that Swansea would be up for this game. A home game against a big club and them needing three points. But given our form I expected us to pick up the win.

I wasn’t surprised with Chelsea’s starting line up as I expected Conte to name an unchanged side. You couldn’t expect David Luiz to just walk back into the team even if we had paid 30 odd million.

In the first 20 minutes we didn’t look particularly good. Swansea were dominating the midfield, pressing the ball and stopped us from playing. However although they had all the ball and we didn’t attack much, Swansea didn’t really cause too many problems and Courtois didn’t have a save to make.

So defensively we looked solid, whereas last season we didn’t. This is the difference that Conte has made and everybody in the team seems to know their roles. The difference between this season and last is that we now look compact when defending but are good going forward. Whereas last season we drew a lot of games through playing boring defensive football, excluding the Tottenham, Arsenal and Palace games.


One other difference is the arrival of Kante, which has given both Hazard and Costa a bit more freedom to go and play. Costa in-particular looks back to the player we signed two years ago. His movement is the same but he’s being found quicker by players like Oscar, Willian and Hazard.

This proved the case when Oscar found Costa for the first goal, which was one chance one goal.

Oscar deserves a mention. I’ve never particularly rated him because he’s been inconsistent, but this season he looks a different player. His work rate has improved and the position he’s playing next to Matic means he’s now winning the ball and once he’s won it he’s always been able to pass it.

I actually think he’s been one of our better players this season and has been underrated because of Costa, Hazard and Kante.

From going a goal up we completely dominated the game but didn’t kill it off. Then Coutois giving away the penalty (I see why he went for it but he just got it wrong) gave Swansea hope and then the Cahill incident!

To be fair he put himself in trouble because of a poor first touch and gave Fer a chance to nick the ball. But once Cahill turned away because he’s seen the danger of Fer behind him, any contact from Fer has to be foul. Once he kicked him twice it just had to be a foul! You can see Cahill’s trying to pass back to Courtois with his left foot and Fer kicks it.

I still felt though that Chelsea could still score. Even though previously we’ve struggled to break teams down, this season we look like we’re always liable to score.

When the goal came Ivanovic done particularly well but Costa’s overhead kick was brilliant and shows just how good he is at the moment.

A draw was frustrating given the amount of dominant play we had. But we look a much better side than we have done for a long time.

Harry Storey

Sofa Sports News


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