Jose ‘Bourinho’ makes his point!

Liverpool 0-0 Man Utd: ‘Bourinho is at it again’

Well that was an anti-climax to say the least.  A miserable Monday in the office and only the thought of MNF got me through the day.  The game being hyped as ‘the biggest of the season so far’ – the coming together of England’s ‘two greatest clubs’ proved to be a complete and utter disappointment.  Now there’s a surprise…

I got caught up in the pre-match hype and it was naive of me to expect an entertaining game seeing as Jose ‘Bourinho’ was involved.  Liverpool have been in great form, cutting teams open with ease of late and Jose’s team selection was the first sign of his intentions.

Negative from the start

The return of Fellaini and the inclusion of Ashley Young gave us an indication pre-match that ‘Bourinho’ was a) concerned about the physical aspect in midfield and b) felt he needed to nullify the attacking threat of Liverpool’s adventurous right back Nathaniel Clyne.

Giggsy, Carra and Neville stood there pre-match telling the world Fellaini was included from the start because of his threat in set piece situations.  If you have no intention of attacking and only win one corner in 90 minutes as a result of this – surely it’s pretty obvious he was only in the side to disrupt play and take his inevitable yellow card for just being a classless thug.

In plain English, his team were set out for a point and nothing more.  I can remember them creating just  the one opportunity and in 90 minutes they failed to force a single save from Liverpool’s ‘dodgy’ keeper Loris Karius.

Klopp’s side dominated the possession with a huge 65% share, but i guess that’s useless when your opponent opts to just ‘park the bus’.  It’s ironic that the very expression ‘parking the bus’ came from ‘Bourinho’ himself when he was criticizing somebody else for adopting the same approach.  Jose being a hypocrite!? I never thought I’d see the day!

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out my stance on ‘Bourinho’, his dull tactics and horrible personality.


(Jose looks like he’s just woken up after watching his teams performance at Anfield)

Lack of Ambition

Don’t get me wrong, to come away with a point from Anfield when Liverpool are in great form is a solid result.  My problem is with the managers attitude and approach.  For someone who is constantly pointing to the fact he manages, in his words “The Biggest Club in the World”you’d expect to see some sort of ambition.

A man who has spent £156m and is in charge of ‘the biggest club in the world’ has an approach to the big games which is no different to the likes of Stoke or West Brom!  At least try and win the game, show some ambition, take the game to your opponent and if you only manage the point you can be proud of it.

‘Bourinho’ faces his old club Chelski this coming weekend and I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a repeat performance.  Maybe I’ll be watching Downton Abbey instead, there will probably be more action (just ask Alavi).

Man Utd are a club that down the years have pride themselves on playing good attacking football, winning in style and they always carried an awe about them that let the world know they could go and win anywhere.  They’ve abandoned their principles and their identity is being sucked out of them by a classless, negative and gutless manager.

Glory, Glory Man United is no more and Boring, Boring Man Utd is whats in store.


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