Alexis – Like RVP, Nasri & Fabregas before him…

Arsenal suffered another defeat at the hands of one of the big six.

It came as no surprise that Arsene Wenger’s side simply forgot to turn up at Anfield but what did come as a surprise was Alexis Sanchez’ omission from the starting XI.

There wasn’t a Gooner in the world not left scratching his/her head when the line ups were announced.

Our talisman, our best player by a country mile, our top scorer and going into this weekend the leagues joint top goal scorer…benched!

Like many times in recent seasons it was impossible to see the logic behind Wenger’s decision.

When asked why Alexis had been dropped he told the media he wanted the side to adopt a “more direct approach”.

That explains why Giroud started the game but doesn’t explain why the Chilean couldn’t take up the position he’s made a career out of, on the left flank.

A truly mind boggling decision and a mistake that he ultimately paid for.

There is no shame in losing at Anfield and many of the leagues ‘bigger’ sides have suffered when they’ve gone toe to toe with Klopp’s energetic and dynamic Liverpool side.

Missing your best player is always a disadvantage and can sometimes leave you feeling hard done by and disappointed.

However, when it’s self inflicted, your talisman dropped out of choice, for reasons unknown to the fans and the manager has quite obviously just lied on camera the disappointment can turn very quickly into anger.

If we’re to believe the reports, he was dropped after a training ground bust up with a number of his team mates. One can only assume he showed his dissatisfaction at the recent performances of the team.



Something we as loyal supporters are all feeling. If Sanchez has communicated that in some way to his team mates at least we know someone within the club wants to win!

The born winners in life are always the worst losers. Some would call his reported actions disruptive, I say well done to him. Players, the manager and the clubs leadership have to be held accountable for their failures.

A board, a manager and a squad of players who show no desire to win and a primary objective of balancing the books are a cancer eating away at this great club.

Like RVP, Nasri and Fabregas before him it’s only a matter of time before Alexis ambitions outgrow those of the clubs hierarchy.

The embarrassing performances continue and a lack of progression that has been associated with the club for many seasons will ultimately cost us holding onto our best players.

Sound familiar?

Wenger cannot take this club any further and those who want him to remain in charge must be satisfied with mediocrity.

His legacy is being tarnished and the ill feeling towards him continues to grow amongst even the most loyal of Gooner’s.

Enough is Enough.


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