Dan De Luca gives us his thoughts on Spurs capture Heung-Min Son


I didn’t jump off my sofa when the news was announced we’d completed the signing of Hueng-Min Son, I’m not on my way to the Lane to wave my retro scarf in jubilation outside the front gates.
That doesn’t mean he’s a bad signing, but not someone who makes me jump out of my skin with excitement.

Let’s look at the positives though. We’ve picked up a player who has scored goals in one of the top European leagues, his key attribute is pace, which is something that the squad is desperate for, and he’s knocked in a handful at international level including one at the last World Cup. These are all positive notes regardless of the standard.

Alright, so he’s not the big name that everyone would have wanted, but Tottenham aren’t really in the market for the real elite right now, nor do we have the pulling power or wage structure to lure one in. He’s a decent looking player with some pedigree and I don’t think there will be the same pressure placed on him as some recent signings which could be a benefit.

The price tag is still hefty at a reported £22m, and I know the fashionable thing this week is to compare everything to Pedro transfer fee, but Barcelona didn’t need him like Leverkusen need Son or indeed West Brom need Berahino, so the comparisons should die right there.

Whilst I’m not gonna rush to club shop to get Son on the back of my shirt. A lot of Koreans who don’t even know where Tottenham is have probably already placed their pre-orders with international shipping. If you’re offsetting this additional revenue against a transfer fee you’re heading back down to a reasonable value. Painful when as a football fan you’re looking at the commercial value of a transfer abroad but that’s the dark world we live in. You know Mr. Levy factored that into his equations before signing the cheque, but if that makes him see it in his heart to splash a bit of the money he claws back on a central midfielder before the window closes on Tuesday.

It’s been proved plenty enough over recent seasons at White Hart Lane that a big name and reputation doesn’t mean a thing, so the fact Son isn’t the best player on FIFA 15 doesn’t really bother me a jot. He’s got as much chance of success as anyone else. Not many people had Harry Kane in their fantasy teams at the beginning of last season, that worked out alright.

The thing that pleases me most about this transfer is that Tottenham have identified their target, quietly and under the radar, stumped up the money, and bought him to the football club. Something that hasn’t happened over the last two seasons.
It’s a positive move that may or may not pay off, but still nice to see the chairman prepared to pay what’s needed to bring a target to the squad.

Now he’s in who knows how it may work out, or whether the greatest benefits will be realised on or off the pitch. But someone at the club has got their man and will be hoping he bucks the recent trend of disappointing attackers making their way to the lane. Let’s hope his boy delivers.

Good Luck my Son…….Sorry, I’ll get my coat.



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