‘Betrayed’ Jose needs to stop pointing the finger and take a look at himself! – Harry

Jose Mourinho stood in front of the sky sports cameras after last nights defeat and claimed he was ‘betrayed by his players’. Will this man ever take responsibility for his teams performances? Granted, the so called ‘top players’ are not performing at present but surely it’s the managers overall responsibility. How often do you flick on sky sports news and see that a player has been sacked for not performing? Never! The manager is ultimately responsible for how the team does.

The good thing about Jose’s interview this week was that he didn’t blame the computer for not working and he wasn’t blaming the officials, probably for the first time this season – 16 games in.

Let’s face it, Chelsea are in turmoil. They currently sit a point above the relegation zone almost half way through the season and that is simply not acceptable for the Champions of England. Had this been any other Chelsea manager during the Abramovich era they would have most certainly got the chop by now.

I think the fact that none of us were surprised that Chelsea lost again shows the state they’re in at the moment. My personal belief on the matter is that Jose has completely lost the dressing room. Over recent months he has chosen to act like a big baby and point the finger at everyone else but himself, refusing to take any of the blame for his teams awful start to the season. His out of date, boring style of football is no longer effective and he has to be held accountable!

So far this season he has publicly criticised his stars for their individual performances on a number of occasions and whether it’s justified or not is irrelevant. A manager of his experience having won so much in the game should know better than to air his dirty laundry in public! The players have simply had enough of it, the tension and divide in the dressing room is clear for all to see.

Diego Costa is among some of the stars that just haven’t performed this season and to see him run back and signal to his defence something along the lines of ‘your asleep’ sums up the whole atmosphere at the club. Ironic, coming from the guy who has been asleep all season as Jamie Carragher pointed out – maybe the first thing I agree with him on!

Nobody at that club is willing to take the blame or responsibility if you like and that’s the issue. The likes of Costa, Fabregas, Hazard and the MANAGER etc prefer to throw their toys out of the pram and blame others for the teams performance, a team that they are a huge part of!
This unrest has been hotting up for a while and it’s finally reached boiling point.

There was the substitution of JT, the reported disagreement with Fabregas, the fallout with Diego Costa and last night we saw something with Eden Hazard when he was substituted. It seemed as though the Belgian was adamant he couldn’t continue and reacted angrily to Jose trying to keep him on.

Something at Chelski has to change and fast. A club that has spent so many millions to acquire a squad with so much talent cannot be hovering above the drop zone the season after winning the title so convincingly.

So I say something has to change, but for me there’s only one thing that should change… It’s Jose Mourinho. The new ‘specialist in failure’, having lost 9 of their opening 16 and refusing to acknowledge his part in the demise. As an Arsenal fan I’m thoroughly enjoying watching the Chelsea ‘meltdown’ but if I was a Chelsea fan I’d want the ‘not so special one’ out the door.

He’s lost the relationship with his stars, something that has been such a key ingredient to his past success and his style is out of date. A man who is forever bringing negative press on a club looking to grow, a cry baby that talks about the ball boys wiping the ball before throw ins as opposed to his tactical flaws and poor team selections.

You’re not so special any more Jose and you’re lucky to still be in the job! As the pressure mounts and the top four pull further and further away you’d have to say the Portuguese managers days are numbered.

Come on Rom get your axe out and give him the chop!

Harry Symeou

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  1. Yeh to be fair, from our point of view I hope he stays forever if he’s gonna continue like this haha

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