A Gooner’s view on Rob Palmer’s ‘They just don’t get it’

Rob Palmer – the typical Spurs fan!

As many of our sofasportsnews.com followers know there was an article posted by one Rob Palmer. This was supposed to be a build up to the NLD from a Spurs perspective in response to that of Andy Paps and attracted much attention to our site (so thanks for that at least). I think Rob has been offered a writers job at Comedy Central this week because some of the things he came out with where hilarious & genuinely had me in stitches. Good one rob!

So in response to the article ‘They don’t get it… By Rob Palmer’ I would like to say a few words on behalf of the Gooner population.

For those of you that haven’t read it I recommend you get bag of popcorn, put your feet up and have a good laugh! Here’s the link… http://wp.me/p6EijE-5m

I would like to start by drawing your attention to the Oxford Dictionary’s definition of ‘Delude’
– To Delude:
Make (someone) believe something that is not true.

This is exactly what Rob has done, fortunately only one half of north London are uneducated enough in football to believe it.

It was evident by some of the comments left under the article that this is a widespread disease that is effecting a huge proportion of Tottenham fans up and down the country. Not all of you, but seems like the majority of you belong in that category.

Now let me set the scene… Two premier league football clubs are currently located in north London. One is Arsenal FC and the other go by the name of Tottenham Hotspur. One of these two old clubs is extremely bitter about some events that occurred in 1913 & to this day they haven’t gotten over it. Arsenal’s move to Highbury sparked a rivalry that has lasted over a century!

Arsenal have won 13 league titles & Tottenham have won 2. I’m not gonna sit and bore you with all the clubs honours because there are a lot between the two of us. But that one in particular tells the story of the two clubs. I think for me growing up I always enjoyed the rivalry on derby days but during the 90’s & early to mid 2000’s our biggest rivals were Man Utd. Rob can accuse us of not understanding the rivalry but with all due respect at that time when I was growing up Arsenal had bigger fish to fry.

There’s no argument about who has been the more successful of the two, all you have to do is look at both clubs list of honours. Another tell tale sign of that is when Spurs fans like Rob refer to things like they were there first English club to win a European trophy and the first side to win the double.

Yes mate, you were the first English club to win a European trophy in 1963. Preston North End were actually the first team to win the double though back in 1888/1889 seeing as we’re going back to the days of the dinosaurs to gloat.

Since your double in 60/61 we have achieved it 3 times & won the league as many times at your ground as you’ve won it in your history, I think that means we’ve overtaken you. ‘Oh but we did it first’ seems a pathetic thing to say when your rivals have left you behind. But then again that’s your typical Spurs fans.

The sad thing is that as a football man I do appreciate the size and tradition of a club like Tottenham but it’s spoilt by uneducated neanderthal fans like some of you lot.

The fact of the matter of this, the gap on the pitch has gotten smaller over the last few years. Spurs have improved over recent seasons and are normally just outside of the top 4 (which isn’t an easy thing to break into). This weekends NLD was evidence of that, you showed up and put in a performance and we didn’t. Maybe your best performance of the season vs our worst and we still took a point.

In July 2006 having had all that success under Arsene Wenger the club was growing, our own brand of football, to use your word Arsenal’s ‘franchise’ was becoming more and more popular and Arsenal moved into the 60,000 seater Emirates stadium.

More than ten years later Spurs are planning on doing the same thing. In my book that means your ten years behind us in the evolution of your club. You all choose to mock the fact we haven’t been as successful as we would have liked over the past decade and nobody is more disappointed in that then us Gooner’s ourselves.

But let me ask you this… What have Tottenham achieved of note in that period? A champions league qualification? Once? Is that all?

Your club now are going through a cycle that we went through almost ten years ago now. Changing stadiums in the long run is of huge benefit to clubs with the support Arsenal or Spurs have but it’s by no means a painless process. You’ll be restricted in what you can spend, sometimes have to sell your best players against the managers will & you will end up having those ‘modern football fans’ that you all talk about all over the place.

I hope for the ‘real’ Tottenham fans sakes you give Poch a chance to build because you’ll need a manager who can build from youth to get you through the transitional period.

As for the Rob Palmers of this world you really are a mile behind us and I can’t wait until you go to the lane and sit next to Rupert and his buddies eating their half time prawn sandwiches. It’s the way FOOTBALL has become NOT Arsenal and you’ll realise this in time when you get your head out of the clouds.

My favourite part of your article was when you described the atmosphere at WHL during that carling cup game, found it amazing you could hear it so well from your sofa in the USA!

North London is Red.

Harry (AFC fan)

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