5 players Spurs should target during this transfer window. -Daniel De Luca

New year means new transfer window, and it’s fair to say that Spurs’ points total means Pochettino has every right to demand some funds to bolster the squad.

Spurs have played themselves into a great position to qualify for Champions League football next season but the squad is certainly thin in some areas. For those who feel Spurs are in a title race, the squad is miles short, so either way investment is needed this month to maintain the momentum that has put us in a strong position to at least get fans excited. At least 2 players must be added.

The style Spurs have adopted this season is very specific, there is unquestionably a need for a striker to provide back up to Harry Kane and I’d say the club are a bit light in central midfield. The January window has a history of players coming in and struggling to settle, so where possible targeting premier league players is a benefit that the club should be looking to exploit, and players who would be keen to move to White Lane certainly makes life easier. We know transfer funds are likely to be tight but Levy is still always keen to deal at the right price, so being realistic with targets and their valuations is key.
Here are 5 players Spurs should target in January.

1. Saido Berahino (West Brom)
Whether I think he’s the man or not I’m not sure, but he was wanted by Spurs in the summer and Poch should probably have earned Spurs fans trust by now. He clearly wanted to join Spurs in the summer so the same should be the case now, especially as he has struggled to pin down a first team place for West Brom. You do get the impression with Saido he could be a disruptive character and also that Jeremy Peace may have Daniel Levy stored in his phone as “do not answer”, but the positives would include some added pace to the side and possibly some goals from a wide position (where I’d expect he’d spend a fair bit of time utilised), both things the squad currently lacks. Another young English for Pochettino to develop would seem to fit his bill. Expect some more haggling over price, but if Spurs want the player and the player wants the move then just make it happen. There may be 1 or 2 other clubs struggling for goals waiting in the wings if not.

2. Charlie Austin (QPR)
So why not? It was a big surprise that Austin ended the summer window at QPR given his successful taste of premier league football. Heavily linked with Newcastle and then Bournemouth maybe he was holding out for something a little bit bigger, or maybe he is one of those rare loyal footballers. So, back to the why not? You’d expect he’d fancy a move to Spurs, he’d probably accept the role of second fiddle to Harry Kane, and Spurs wouldn’t have to break the bank to add a much needed back up striker to the squad. So he’s not world class by any means, but he is a like for like in terms of playing style with Harry Kane so Pochettino could maintain his playing philosophy and system when Kane needs a rest towards the end of games. There’s been no option either when Spurs have been struggling to throw on a second striker and Austin could do that and has proved he has the ability to score in the premier league. He ticks a lot of boxes, and could be easily moved on if needed on a low salary. I’ll ask again. Why not?

3. Moussa Sissoko (Newcastle)
I like Moussa Sissoko, his intense powerful direct style of play fits perfectly into Tottenham’s system. Strong in the tackle tireless running and the added bonus of pace means I could see him working for Pochettino. The criticism levelled at him often is that he goes missing when Newcastle are struggling, but on his day he can be explosive and hard to contain. When Spurs play on the break, as they like to, I think Moussa Sissoko would shine, and he’d be more than happy and able to join in the Pochettino press. He’d be open to a move up the league you’d have thought and would fit nicely into Levy’s preferred price bracket.

4. Jonjo Shelvey (Swansea)
Another player, like Sissoko, who fits in to the box-box midfielder category. A position I think Spurs needs.
He’s not having his best season at Swansea but he’s got bags of ability and after an unsuccessful spell at Liverpool you’d sense he’d love another crack at a top 6 club. He can break up the play and has a superb range of passing, something lacking from Spurs midfield currently. I think Liverpool let him go a bit too early and Pochettino’s knack for getting the best out of younger players could well get him back on track. If Spurs are in the market for the reasons of squad strengthening then Shelvey would make a great addition and again wouldn’t command an outlandish fee.

5. Gylfi Sigurdsson (Swansea)
I sense a few eyebrows may be raised when reading this name, but i think Gylfi was allowed to leave too early. It was just after Pochettino joined he was transferred out so it could be this one is a non starter but it is a surprise given Pochettino’s tactics that he sanctioned his release, it could be that the deal was already done maybe. He is powerful, direct, and comfortable in possession, what is more is he scores goals from midfield which is one area where I think Spurs are a bit light comparative to their rivals. Against big opposition too, United Arsenal Chelsea etc…. Not just chipping in goals against bottom half sides when the tails are up. Maybe this one is the most unlikely as at this stage of his career a return to a squad player probably won’t appeal, but would certainly add something back to the squad.
So there we go, 5 players all from these shores who Spurs could do worse than targeting this month.
They represent realistic targets with league experience in a window where adding quality to a squad is historically difficult. All of the above players would be relative easily attainable, unlike other targets like Wanyama could be sold by their clubs in Jan for the right fee, and would jump at the chance to arrive the Lane (Sigurdsson aside maybe).
If Spurs signed 2 or 3 of the above I’d be happy enough with the months work. Squad strengthening is the key to the rest of this campaign.

What are your thoughts on these targets? What other realistic targets do you think Spurs should be chasing in January?

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2 Replies to “5 players Spurs should target during this transfer window. -Daniel De Luca”

  1. Spurs in the title race? You are joking, right? Straight fight between Arsenal and Man City in my opinion. I was talking to a Spurs fan yesterday and he told me expectations were for a top 6 finish at the start of the season. I think he’s right. Now that we’re into 2016 I think it is fair to increase expectations to a top 4 finish but to believe the media hype that Spurs are in the title race is way off the mark. I watched your match yesterday and to be fair Everton are just as good as you if not better. Are Everton in the title race? No, I do not think so! I agree you need a striker as do most of the clubs in the Premiership. Surely Hernandez is the one to go for. Doing a great job in Germany right now and has Premiership experience.

  2. Some good points there.
    There are people who feel Spurs are in a title race. Im not one of them. I’m of the view that title races don’t start til March therefore would prefer it if the team kept focus on consolidating their good start to the season by maintaining distance between themselves and Man Utd & liverpool.
    In any case I agree that there are 2 standout squads in the league (city and arsenal) and I expect they will Both finish a good 8 – 12 points clear of Whoever comes 3rd.
    Everton aren’t being considered by anyone as they are 9 points behind 4th place so not sure that’s a particular good arguement. It’s like a Stoke fan claiming they are top 4 contenders cos they were far better than utd. I actually think over 90 minutes, not just an even second half, Spurs were far superior in pretty much every aspect.
    Hernandez would be a good signing for a few prem clubs, and they (and tottenham) missed a trick last summer when he was available. After just 6 months there though I don’t think he is a realistic target. I bet Man Utd wish they’d kept him.

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