Spurs vs Dortmund: The perfect draw – Daniel De Luca

Don’t despair or be too gloomy about this afternoon’s Europa League Draw.

It’s the perfect draw for Tottenham and perfect timing for it. It’s the draw I wanted when I woke up this morning. Even with 4 teams left in hat and the other 2 were Fenerbache and Braga, pairing with Dortmund was the jackpot.

Not because I want to see Tottenham play the best teams, that’s nonsense, nonsense spouted by fans of other clubs who know they can’t possibly win the tournament they’re in. Like a league 2 club wanting to draw a Premier League Club in the FA cup. Sadly some bigger clubs adopt this same view, I’m sure some Spurs fans do too.

Prestigious club, quality opponents, bound to be a great atmosphere and I’ll embrace it, but normally I’d be unhappy to draw them because the chances of winning something are enhanced by drawing a team who are shit, and hoping the favourites slip up elsewhere on route.

What makes this different is the title race. Everyone has Spurs’ involvement in the Europa League down as negative. Too many games, Thursday, Sunday, blah blah blah.
Well let’s say that’s true, and let’s say Dortmund are as nailed on to win this tournament as everyone says then why not get it over with? Anyone see the point in playing 4 more games (followed by 4 more league games) before coming across the biggest fish in the pond in the Semi Finals and losing then? No.
If Spurs really have got as little chance of winning the tie as neutrals are suggesting and the distraction of the tournament will be as fatal as neutrals are suggesting then let’s just bloody get it over with and minimise the upheaval caused by the Thursday night laughing stock, hey.

Let’s dare to remember for a minute that Spurs are actually a bloody good football team, and maybe even consider that we might actually try to win this by going with a full strength side. The fixtures following the games aren’t ones that frighten me to death that we might have a slightly jaded team facing them. Whilst it’s only on paper, Villa away and Bournemouth home are Tottenham’s 2 easiest remaining games. If you ask me to pick two games to follow games against a side like Dortmund then I’d have picked these 2. But I don’t have to pick because the draw has done it for me. Happy days all round I’d say.

The quarter final precedes Man United home, Stoke away. I’d rather an easier tie then thanks. If we’re through of course.
Other ties in the draw included Fenerbache vs Braga
Sparta Prague vs Lazio
Shakthar vs Anderlecht
Plenty of options of receiving a draw we’d strongly fancy if we were to outlast Dortmund that wouldn’t necessarily need our full throttle ahead of tough premier league games

What we’ve got here in the last 16 now, is a great tie that we’ve now got every chance of progressing in, that has the least impact possible on our other quests, and a chance to find out early if we’re good enough to win this competition before another month of sweat tears and air miles are pumped into it. Perfection.

So Spurs fans, for footballing reasons
only, trust me, this is the one we wanted.

There’s more to easy opponents than luck of the draw sometimes. Think outside the box.


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