Reffing Hell!

There are 3 key components of every good side…

A strong spine. A 20-Goal a season striker. And a well chosen referee at key points of the season.

Barcelona and Real Madrid have both had hands in progressing in the Champions League (again), Arsenal have been able to use their hands to avoid Arsenal Fan TVs server reaching capacity, and with Chelsea having a little wobble, well, it’s time for the FA to bring out the A team.

With the Spurs – Chelsea semi final neatly poised in 2012 ref Martin Atkinson decided the game could do with a goal, so… he gave one. Marvellous. Thankfully goal-line technology will prevent any such repeats but there is still no technology to prevent you from being a cheating attention seeking bellend. So with that it mind, who would you not appoint to handle the 2017 reunion of the two sides in the semi final? And who have the FA chosen from their pool of miscreants? Yeah, Martin Atkinson.

Who knows what will happen this time, will he subconsciously try to even things out? will he try so hard not to be seen to even things out and go the other way? Why even appoint him and crank the pressure up more with a crowd that won’t forget? You stupid stupid stupid organisation. Apart from Diego Costa being allowed 17 bookable offences before his first warning instead of his usual 12 expect this to end in tears and controversy and a ref at the centre of it all in the aftermath. Maybe that’s what he wants, but it makes you wonder what the FA know about common bloody sense. What does FA stand for again?

That was De Luca’s 2 pence #2pDDL

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